June 2010 (email 2)

Second email to them after their first response. This was a week after the first one and I still had a few weeks before college. At the end of this email I had attach a couple of drawings; however, out of sheer embarrassment I will not showcase those draws(had no skill back then).
I edited parts of this for privacy of locations and names involved though I kept the rest untouched. 
Dear M., C., W. and L.,
Maybe I should cut this tie before my entire life savings is used up by you(M.) and my dad…haha jk jk!
Sarcasm is like second nature to me but making a living
on it….sign me up! My mom wouldn’t appreciate that, though, she thinks I need to be less ‘tongue in the cheek’ and more upbeat. Well I am pretty upbeat, but I find amusement throwing sarcastic quibs and watching the people totally overlooking it. I do it to my eleven year old cousin all the time when I text her. She always uses exclamation points when texting, so I’ll be like, ‘I’m going for a run’ and she’ll reply ‘Oh cool! That’s amazing! You’re my HERO!’. Haha, so I have to play along by saying ‘I know right; I love running! AMERICA loves to run!’ I still can’t get her to use a period; tired it–failed at it.
****** is where you live…I think my dad told me once. All I knew was that you guys lived in *****. It’s kind of funny that I’m not a fan of counrty music, since that’s all my mother listens to–24/7. I probably got sick of it.
 Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood attend your church; ****** has NO ONE that famous living here. Here’s all you need to know about ******: we have the best school system in the county(I’m not lying), we love our football, we have the oldest marching band in ******( I was in it, trumpet), we love our football, we worship our football coach(I don’t), we love our football, we have no theater(WHYYY 😥 ! ), have I mention we love our football. Yeah you get the point, without football, D. would…well the community would be completely lost. We also have a distaste for P., our rivals in football. I think it’s stupid. I sometimes wish the community would turn out for the Cross Counrty meets. None of my frineds outside of the sport would show up–except Tosh because she rocks. Aside from the rant, ****** is a quiet, peaceful place to live if you would like that old 50-ish tv-show theme.
Okay, for famous peeps, Matt Thiessen, lead singer of Relient K, supposedly lives in Canton, Ohio, which is *******mins from here. My best-friend and I plan to find him one day (please note that I am a fan of Relient K), in hopes of a mini concert for us. The best person who came from ******** is Bob-flippin’-Peterson! Forget Gump,though he is cool, Bob Peterson is my hero! You know that movie ‘Up’–the one that was sorta popular last year. Yeah, he was screenwriter/co-director/voice of Dug and Alpha. You’ve been PWNatized by me (i just made that word up)!  It’s pretty awesome for him coming from here, since what he is doing is what I want to do. So that’s like the only cool thing about ***** in general.
That’s dumb that you got in trouble for drawing in school, that’s like the only thing I do! Language Arts was notorious for my best drawings in school! Drawing was my lifesaver for Physics, and I would draw on Pre-Cal tests in hope for some extra credit! The extra credit never came, but I did just fine without it. Anyway times-are-a-changin’ I guess, since the teachers didn’t care if I did draw. Haha, don’t worry about the time to download them, they’re already on my computer. It’s more or less the time to write that I have trouble with.
W. draws clothes is sweet! I draw mostly people so clothing is an asset-it needs to be. I have a hard time picturing M. at a community college painting, kinda funny actually! So pics are attached to this email, and I wouldn’t mind seeing some of W.’s works. Pleassssssesssss.
Talk to you guys soon or at least in the near future……I talk too much :/ too much to say.
Love Courtney
P.S. some of the drawings were on school work

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