June 2010 (email 1)

This might be an odd thing to have as my first post: an email I sent to my Uncle close to four years ago. At this point of time I have never met any of them(at least not yet during this point). Only being eighteen I was pursuing better relationships with people I was close to(or should have been close to) and these emails I sent became the first stepping stones of the person I am today. 
It’s amusing reading all these emails now. How much of a spaz I was and how obvious I was in trying to hide many of my insecurities underneath this faux-confident chill facade I had going then. So much change was about to happen in the coming months. Not just my transition into college but even my walk with God and the character changes that came with it. 
I suppose a part of me is posting these emails to show the evidence of God and the power he has in transforming people. I hardly resemble this girl three and half years ago. And the next three and half years from now I will possibly be saying the same thing now. In that idea it gives me hope of a better future. Despite my current situation with my faithless thoughts about graduating and career I look back on these and see the evidence that God is taking care of everything. 
I’m not sure if I’ll post all of these since they get personal(I will not be posting the replies back however) but I’ll try and keep them as true as they were when I first sent them. Also I will post other such writings than just these–you’ll see.
This email better be right because if not, then I just petrified some random and unfortunate being from me being all spazzy and creepy. Lawlz! Okay, like I was saying, it’s Courtney. You know, the kindhearted yet cynical teen daughter of your long lost brother, which by the way, says that he doesn’t need to talk all the time to you because both of you have nothing in common to talk about. Although, I have friends where I have nothing in common and are polar opposites when it comes to personalities, yet we talk all the time because we have shared memories.:) Anyway I, unlike my dad, would like to keep in-touch because I go all sentimental when it comes to family and friends but that could be a symptom from graduating.

Oh yeah, I graduated from high school while maintaining a 3.5 gpa because I’m hot stuff (i’m lying on the hot stuff part, and no I’m not being vain.) So I’m suck-ish at grammar, Physics was my ban of existence. My sanctuary was located in the basement with cockroaches (yes, my school has those), which always played country music(I’m not a fan); this class is Art. Excuse me for my inner art nerd. Math was cool this year because my teacher’s hair defied against gravity, and he was obsessed with Ohio sport teams(Browns are never going to be good!); he also couldn’t pronounced Chewbacca, nor many other things because he had an accent of who knows where. Trust me, this guy is pretty cool though I think he won me over for giving out Laffy Taffies. French class was all girls except the foreign exchange student from France. I called him Frenchie or French Boy instead of his real name. Hehehe, he also got a B in French once. Band is lame. Photography was wicked, and Financial Fitness was the GREATEST class I have ever taken.

 Hmm okay, I told you the low-down of this past year of my Senior year. I’m good. Email me back or not. It shouldn’t hurt me too bad if you don’t. Haha. I would love to keep in contact–i won’t be a clingy leech.

Please note–I’m a very sarcastic/funny person. Sorry if I ever come off as being arrogant or rude. I’m not XD.


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